If you’re an investor, there’s an aspect of the law that protect your rights and your needs and this is referred to as the securities law.  It falls under business law and covers whatever informational needs investors have.  If you look at it closely, securities aren’t really valuable inherently.  The value they have comes from the claims they allow their owners to make on various assets and earnings.  It also has a large effect on the voting power that comes with such claims. Values of these securities are also different in every business.  It’s determined by the issuer’s products and market, his financial condition, management of the company and also the regulatory and competitive climate.

Business securities laws are aimed at guaranteeing investors they receive the right information about whatever it is they want to purchase.  If they have their eye on a certain company for example, this law protects their interests in that the company that’s being sold has to give full disclosure of its financial health and the like.  Securities can be in the form of bonds, stocks, notes, treasury stocks and so on.  These can be freely bought and traded as long as the rules of securities law are followed.

With regard to white collar crimes under criminal law, these are nonviolent offenses that people with a certain respectability or high social status can commit in the course of their occupation.  This ranges from fraud to extortion to tax evasion.  Under fraud, there are a myriad of other crimes like bankruptcy fraud, credit card fraud, healthcare fraud, securities fraud and so on.

Counterfeiting is also included here as well as embezzlement, trade secret theft and public corruption.  For all these crimes, they’re all committed by an individual for personal gain.  These crimes are penalized with fines, forfeitures, home detention, supervised release and also imprisonment.  Sanctions have the possibility of being lessened for those defendants who take responsibility for their crimes and also helps authorities with the investigation and closing of the case.

As for the victims of such crimes, they can also participate with authorities in closing the investigation and bringing white collar criminals to justice.  Ensuring the protection of society from white collar criminals can be enough justice and victims can also get a bit of closure when criminal law prosecutes white collar criminals.

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